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Tree Removal

Vuk from Arborcore notably has over 10 years’ experience working in the arboriculture industry. As a result, during his career he has successfully and confidently removed many large trees and branches growing over or very close to houses or buildings and other structures. The size of the tree does not matter. Arborcore Tree Services will tackle your average backyard tree removal to very large tree removals equally. We are fully equipped for all tree removal situations.  When the job calls for it we also have access to all necessary heavy machinery.

There are many tree work techniques a qualified arborist will use to remove trees. The tree removal technique will depend on factors such as the tree size and shape, as well as the trees age.  If the tree is damaged, rotten or infected with insects or fungi, particular caution is needed. Accordingly that’s why safe tree removal requires a qualified, experienced and highly skilled arborist, in order to ensure the removal is done correctly, efficiently and safely.

Tree felling as well as branch trimming is necessary for a variety of reasons and can be dangerous work. We always consider other property, people and the surrounding environment. Arborcore always takes extra care to safely remove the tree. Particularly if a tree is becoming a threat to buildings, houses or driveways. It is important to plan the job very carefully before any tree felling commences in order to consider any and all hazards like overhead power lines, roads and underground pipes or wires.

Due to their experience Arborcore Tree Services are experts that leave nothing to chance. To start with they carefully plan every tree felling and tree removal job before they commence the work. Altogether for your personal safety and the safety of your property it pays to call in the experts at Arborcore for your tree felling and tree removal services.

Confined Space Tree Removal Specialists

Sometimes you’ve got that tree that has just got away on you, as  a result its now way to close to the house or garage to remove easily or safely. In that case, if you leave the tree, the situation will get worse. Not only from the tree above ground but similarly from below the ground. Tree roots under buildings or close to underground pipes or wires can cause all sorts of damage.

Not a problem for Vuk at Arborcore Tree Services, because he specialises in confined space tree removal. In fact he has many years of experience in all manner of difficult tree removal situations. As a result he has successfully removed trees from the most difficult places around domestic properties and commercial buildings.

So if you have a tree in a tight spot that you want removed, Vuk can help you.

Palm Tree and Yucca Removal

Sometimes palm trees can get too big very fast, as a result they can damage paths and driveways or they can just make a real mess. Also in the case of prickly palms or yuccas, they can even present a particularly nasty health hazard. Especially if young kids are running around. If you have a prickly palm or a spiky yucca to remove, Arborcore Tree Services are the people to call.

Arborcore specialise in the removal or maintenance of all species of palm tree and yucca plants, for example phoenix palms, queen palms, king palms and date palms. Due to their expertise Arborcore provides quick, safe and effective removal of the offending palm tree or yucca plant. Including the disposal of all the nasty parts, leaving the site tidy and safe!

I am a regular client of Vuk Mijatovic and Arborcore. During this time I have had several difficult and challenging projects which have needed the work of a professional who knew what they were doing and had the machinery and knowledge to carry out the work involved. Vuk’s attention to detail and his ability as a climbing arborist impressed me. So did his professional approach and his fairness in quoting. As a result, I would not hesitate to recommend him for any work involving an arborist’s skills.

Carole Hughes

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