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“..trees in difficult situations and confined space tree removal are specialties.”

Arborcore Tree Services is an established and respected Arborist company. Vuk is a fully qualified arborist who genuinely loves trees and has an eye for achieving the best result for his clients. Due to Vuks knowledge and experience he is capable of completing a wide range of tree services, including under difficult circumstances. While removing trees from difficult, hard to reach and confined spaces is often shied away from by other companies, trees in difficult situations and confined space tree removal are Vuks specialties.

If trees are particularly large, sometimes they have to reach for the serious equipment including rigging gear and cranes, especially in difficult access locations. Therefore you want an experienced company you can trust with the right knowledge and equipment to remove any tree safely and efficiently. Most of all when your property and your personal health and safety are involved. Arborcore Tree Services have all the expertise and specialised gear for tree removal and for providing the complete overall maintenance of existing trees on a regular basis. So call Vuk at Arborecore for tree services from seasonal pruning and shaping to hedge trimming as well as the management of trees with multiple trunks.

Arborcore Tree Services can complete their work at a quick and efficient rate with their range of the best specialised equipment for arboriculture and tree management work. Due to their knowledge of tree care techniques, Arborcore can handle large tasks easily. They achieve this by using machinery for larger tree removal or hedge trimming jobs rather than using labour-intensive and time consuming methods. Consequently Arborcore has access to equipment for undertaking tree removal or tree and hedge maintenance services around earth moving projects, domestic dwellings, commercial buildings, water bodies, power lines and roads. Arborcore arborists are also well equipped to complete the lighter tasks and more technical work such as basic pruning and trimming on a domestic or commercial scale.

Vuk and the team use the latest personal protection equipment. All their equipment is regularly maintained to an exceptional standard in order to ensure maximum site safety and work efficiency. Especially relevant, Arborcore Tree Services has a great health and safety record. They have had no major accidents or damage to property occurring over the last 10 years. Furthermore Arborcore is fully compliant with all arboriculture industry regulations and has full health and safety management plans in place for your and their protection. We are proud of our reputation for maintaining a safe working environment at all times. In particular if an accident does occur on-site, Arborcore Tree Services has full indemnity insurance. As a result you are provided with the assurance that your property is covered while we complete your work.

Whether the job is commercial or residential, large or small, Arborcore Tree Services guarantee a high standard of workmanship. Hence they also take the time to clean up the site properly when they finish the job and leave the work site in a safe and tidy condition. Arborcore can collect and recycle the organic matter into firewood or mulch and leave the area tidy.

Sometimes storms can cause a lot of damage to trees due to high winds for instance, consequently making trees dangerous, or even causing them to fall down in dangerous or inconvenient places.  Under those circumstances Arborcore Tree Services provide a specialist storm damage service. This service is available to promptly remedy and manage hazardous vegetation on your land or around your house or buildings. So if your trees or hedges have sustained damage from high winds or a storm call Vuk to discuss what is needed to repair the situation.

If you are worried about overhanging branches or trees on your property growing too close to buildings, or you want to gain more natural sunlight on your house in the winter? Maybe you want to get some maintenance done on your property, call Vuk at Arborcore Tree Services, your professional arborists.

Arborcore Tree Services offers a comprehensive range of affordable tree services throughout the Bay of Plenty and Waikato. Arborcore Arborists provide a friendly and professional service

To arrange for a free quote or onsite consultation to discuss the best solution for your trees and hedges, call or email Vuk at Arborcore Tree Services Today!

I am a regular client of Vuk Mijatovic and Arborcore. During this time I have had several difficult and challenging projects which have needed the work of a professional who knew what they were doing and had the machinery and knowledge to carry out the work involved. Vuk’s attention to detail and his ability as a climbing arborist impressed me, so did his professional approach and his fairness in quoting. As a result, I would not hesitate to recommend him for any work involving an arborist’s skills.

Carole Hughes

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